Today’s Search Engine Phrases…

Potato Salad Hill
Kinda like building stats on a blog. Image by tomkellyphoto via Flickr


You gotta love it!

  1. woman covered in custard 1
  2. baking and love poem 1
  3. greatest junk food 1
  4. alison amazed 1
  5. can i use olive oil in potato salad 1
  6. It’s the last one that kills me. To think, someone looked at my blog to find that out. I sure hope they found the post with the potato salad recipe!

…and yesterday’s.

  1. stillness eckhart tolle 1
  2. algonquin canoe trip menu booth lake 1
  3. custard pie fetish 1
  4. why vegans don’t eat eggs 1
  5. kellogg or “kellogg company” or kellogg’s -mba -university -coupon 1
  6. wam 1 (?????????WAM??????? the things search engines do!)
  7. tortilla de patatas variations 1
  8. how does the xylophone sound 1
  9. wordpress code is poetry 1
  10. rolled oats 1

Enough of this. Just thought I’d post these because my stats are surprisingly high today!

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