Deviled Eggs

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One of the first things I learned to cook was Deviled Eggs.  Eight-years old, living on a little country road on the coast of Nova Scotia, I wanted to cook!

Someone (Mother?) gave me a children’s cookbook for my birthday, and Deviled Eggs appealed to me. All I remember is that I made them, and served them to my parents and their friends one afternoon for tea.  I do recall being particularly pleased with the effect of the red paprika sprinkled all over the finished eggs.

Although I liked the taste of the hard-boiled egg yolks mixed with mayonnaise, parsley, dry mustard, salt and pepper, they aren’t something I went on to make repeatedly, rather I very quickly graduated to brownies.

Today I have quite a different take on Deviled Eggs than I did as that relatively innocent and naive 8-year old.  As I write I’m looking at an egg bought two days ago from my local shop.  It’s a Deviled Egg and it’s still in its shell.

The first time I bought eggs from that shop I enquired as to where the eggs came from and was told they were free range from a Sussex farmer.  I checked the code and yes, they were free range.   (In Britain all eggs are coded 0-3: 0 for organic, 1 for free range, 2 for barn and 3 for caged.) I bought the eggs and they were delicious, so went back for more.

Having been more than satisfied with the first eggs, I didn’t bother checking the code this time.  Just paid for the eggs, brought them home and the next morning sat down to my boiled egg for breakfast. A bit bland.  Looked at the code on the remaining eggs.  Caged!   Entered the code in this handy little egg tracker, and learned they are not only caged, but also from Somerset, 176 miles away. Hardly a local free range egg producer.  Devil eggs.  Won’t be going back to that shop.

hens in a battery farm
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  1. Deveiled eggs have always been a big hit at our family gatherings. They are alwoays the first thing to disappear from the table.

    did you know that your comment box is showing ups as charcoal gray and the print shows up as dark gray? It’s like typing blimd/


  2. Hey Lee, Great to hear from you!
    Deviled eggs are like that, aren’t they? Ages to prepare – boiling and peeling the eggs, cutting them in half, removing the yolk, mashing them up, chopping the chives/parsley, mixing it all with the spices and mayo, spooning it into the empty egg whites – bring out a plate that you’ve spent 30 minutes or more preparing and they vanish in seconds!

    About the grey box with the grey font – on my page it’s dark brown box with white print! Every other comment is in a brown box. Maybe you got a glitch page load?

    By the way, these posts are starting to look like A-Z food!! Beans, Celery, Deviled Eggs…

  3. thanks for pingback!great blog xx

    You’re welcome. Love to hear about hens being rescued from hen hell and given a new lease on life. Alison

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