Y is for You

Who are you? Yes, you – the random surfer, the anonymous reader.

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I know who some of my readers are, if you subscribe or leave a comment, or click ‘like’, I know your email address.    Some of you have blogs that I can visit and read, and really get an idea of who you are, and what goes on in your head, at least as much as you want to share in your blog.  Some of you are friends I’ve met here or somewhere else on my life’s journey.  A few of you subscribe – not many – 5 to be exact! That’s right 5 subscribers.  Clearly I’m not going to win the most subscribed blog award!

In terms of ‘hits’,  since I’ve been doing this A-Z blogging challenge, the hits have gone from one in a day (my mother, I’m sure) to 81.  That was the day I published the Love and Baking Cakes post.  It linked to an audio track posted on Soundcloud.   How many of you clicked over from there?

The stats not only tell me how many, but they also tell me if another blog/website referred you, i.e. linked to me from another blog/site to here.  So that tells me a bit about you; I know who you visited before me!  But only about 20% of the blog visitors arrive that way.  Where do the rest of you come from?

Well, I do get stats that tell me if you arrived on the blog from a search engine.  And some of the things people enter in search engines that land them on my blog are most bizarre!  Don’t worry, your ip address isn’t attached to your search phrase – at least not in the stats I have!!

Just today:  “are amazed is what in the english language”.  I love that sentence, phrase, random collection of words.  I love the misplaced verb, it almost makes ‘is’ a preposition!  It twists the language just enough to be wrong, yet not quite enough to be misunderstood.  Are you a learner of English as a foreign language? Or are you a confused English speaker?  Or was it a typo?  I suspect it was the latter, but whatever, that search phrase worked to get you to my page!

Yesterday’s search phrases offer an interesting assortment:

 poems about baking and love and a woman baking poem – I like that one!  I like the possibility of it being a woman baking a poem.  

I’m sure both of you were after the ‘Love and Baking Cakes’ post with the ‘Make a Love’ poem.  But where did you come from the first time? The time you saw the post, and it stuck in your head, and made you want to come back and find it again?  But then maybe you were looking for something completely different and just stumbled on AlisonAmazed.  Or did you hear me perform that poem and come looking for it?

personal identity by Alison Boston and poem by alison boston identity is very complex 

Well those are pretty straight forward!  I’m sure you were looking for this.  I is for Identity gets a lot of traffic on my blog.  It’s visited every single day.  So either someone is obsessed with it, or identity is one of those words that draws readers.

“indie albany” Yes, I link to the indie albany blog from my blog, but why would a search engine deliver someone searching for indie albany to my blog?

the news is depressing   NO KIDDING!  That search would have brought you to Gawd the News is Depressing where you would have found a kindred spirit at least as far as our general feeling about the news is concerned.

Well, YOU are very interesting indeed. YOU have a curious way of phrasing things you are looking for.  YOU visit some interesting blogs before coming here.  I think I like YOU – whoever YOU are. I hope you like me.

I’m so tired from the move, this blog post is pretty sloppy.

But who are you?  Leave a comment and tell us something about yourself.  What brings you to alisonamazed?  Do you come here often?  Is there something you especially like that you’d like more of?  Mysterious YOU!

7 thoughts on “Y is for You

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  1. I don’t have to tell you anything about me here today since you’ve been to my blog and you can learn plenty there and I’ve told you things here as well.

    I do like the stats, though I rarely look at them any more. I just don’t know exactly what they all mean. But I have noticed that people find my blog with some pretty weird search phrases.

    My thoughts about subscriptions to Word Press blogs is that it can be somewhat of a hassle for a lot of us so probably a lot of people just don’t do it. Becoming a “Follower” on a Blogspot blog is easy because once your registered on Google you just click the “Follow” button and that’s that. Then you can get new post notifications easily through the Dashboard or the Google reader. With Word Press notifications come through email and if you follow too many your mailbox could get mighty full.

    I subscribe to perhaps 20 or so Word Press blogs and many of them rarely post. If the content does become uninteresting I tend to unsubscribe. I don’t know if I would want to follow many more Word Press blogs because it is more of a hassle.

    That’s my opinion anyway– for whatever it’s worth. I always enjoy this topic since it fits into my interest of “Blog Science”.

    Tossing It Out

  2. Interesting what you say lee about the hassle of subscribing to WordPress blogs. What I do is add a link. Not sure how that would work if I had over 100 links. The other thing is, this business of subscribing – I mean, what’s the use of 1000 subscribers if only 10% of them read? I guess if and when I decide I want to get really serious about blogging and pursue it for financial gain, then I’d want to get sharply focussed and pursue subscribers. Right now I’m just writing after a 3+ year hiatus!
    I’m gonna check the Blog Science category on your blog.
    I think I’ve got internet here till midnight Monday, so I might make it to the A-Z follow-up. I’m kinda snowed under with work because a lot of stuff got put on hold while I moved.

  3. I haven’t left yet! I love this post, but am a bit confused about the netowrked blogs thing, I guess it’s the same as following? anyhow, I’m going to click just so I keep track of what I want to come back and read, and hope that’s the right thing to do. Sue

    1. Hi Sue,
      I’m happy you are enjoying reading my blog! At last I have some more readers who comment! So you linked to my blog through the networked blogs? I’m also a bit confused about that – from what I can figure out, if you’re on Facebook you click on the networked blogs link on your home page and it opens the networked blogs on Facebook where you get a stream of all posts by all the blogs you’ve decided to follow. It makes it easy – except as I see it, it doesn’t take you to the blog url itself, rather it takes you to the post with a Facebook url.

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