Gawd the news is depressing

Do you think the media puts too much emphasis on bad news? Don’t you think some kind of balance is in order?

You open the front page of any news web site and it’s negative negative negative negative. Why do you think that is? Do you think it’s because there is no good news? Or is it because news editors are following a pattern that says that it’s more important to tell people bad news than good news?

Would people be as eager to read good news?

England’s economy is in a mess right now. At least that’s what the powers that be and all the news editors would have us believe. It’s in a mess because the gangster bankers cleaned out the nation’s coffers. What never ceases to amaze me is that we put up with it.

What is even more amazing are the sheople who say we should pay for their greed through the cuts. They blame the mess the economy is in on a bloated public service and benefit scroungers and they see the only way to solve the problem is through cuts – to the public service and the benefit scroungers.

But what about the thieves in the banking industry? What about the thieves in fat cat salary CEO jobs? For some reason those people think it’s okay to get a 7.5 million bonus while the rest of the country lose their jobs and homes dues to cuts.

How can any government, with any conscience of serving the people, permit one individual to walk off with a 7.5 million bonus while they slash an equal amount from benefits and services that make huge differences to the lives of many?

This is self-centred, capitalist greed run amok.


I wanted to write something positive to counter all the negativity. I wanted to say something positive that could enable the reader to lift their head and smile, and get a warm glow in the centre of their being and say: It’s going to be all right. I wanted to write something that would demonstrate that we could have positive news.

What I wonder is, if we published as many good news stories on the front page as bad news stories, would that change our world? Would that improve the life of the reader?

New age thinkers say we get what we focus on. Focus on negative problems, we get negative problems. Focus hate, war and killing – that’s what we get. So if every news editor decided that starting from today they were going to print an equal amount of good news alongside the bad news, how long would it take to change our world?

So many people believe that that kind of talk is like being a crane with its head stuck in the sand. But is it? I don’t think it is. We can change our world by changing what we focus on. I believe it.

No, that does not mean ignoring thieving bankers, or totalitarians. What it means is find the good and show us the good as well. There is as much love and goodness in the world as there is hate and evil. Shine a light on it. Please. It’s the only way we’ll ever get past go.

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