Stormy Seas

The weather has been changeable lately.  One day sunny with clear, bright blue skies; the next overcast and rainy.

I love going to the sea front and checking the ocean’s reaction to the weather.   Lately, it’s been stormy, big waves rolling onto the shore, grabbing the pebbles, pulling them down the beach into the sea, then picking them up and tossing them back.  It reminds me of a poem I wrote when living in Budapest.  I wrote a lot of poetry while living there, stream of consciousness while listening to Hungarian jazz players.  There is so much ethnic influence in their jazz.  It carries so much soul.  I am convinced there is an incredible muse living in the Danube.   The poem’s title is the name of the musician, date and venue.  The Columbus Jazz Boat, moored in the Danube; a fantastic venue for music.

Borbely Mihaly, July 8, 2005, Columbus Jazz Boat





sand on lips

blows kisses to the sea

pebbles on the shore

pebbles in a brook

pebbles in my hand

take the pebbles in my hand

skip them across the pond

take the pebbles from my heart

spit them out to sea

deep beneath the ocean

find the pebbles from my heart

toss them onto shore

beat them into dust

make them grains of sand

sand on my lips

blowing kisses to the sea

copyright Alison Boston 2005

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