Poems in Translation

I was devoted to blue.
But when I met the grey of Copenhagen,
I consecrated myself to the priesthood of its tones.
from At Kierkegaard’s tomb by Enrique Moya

When I was living in Budapest, I used to go to Vienna every couple of months to join in the Labyrinth Poetry evenings at Cafe Kafka. They were great evenings, dishing up an international mix of voices mostly writing in, or translating to, English.

A couple of the poets I met there – Enrique Moya and Nathan Horowitz – have just had their work published in the online literary magazine Qarrtsiluni.

Originally written by Enrique in Spanish, Nathan – a great poet himself – has done the English translations. The poems are about Scandinavia – and I love the opening lines from At Kierkegaard’s tomb(posted above). He expresses very well the experience of going from a hot, sunny climate to a cold, grey, dull one and as an artist – in this case a poet – seeking to see more colour in the grey.

I wrote a line that expresses a similar sentiment in a poem posted here.

When you visit Qarrtsiluni to read Enrique’s poems, you can also listen to a podcast of Enrique and Nathan reading the poems in Spanish and English.

Life is an amazing journey. http://www.alisonamazed.wordpress.com http://www.alisonboston.wordpress.com

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  1. […] may remember I posted a few days ago about Enrique Moya and Nathan Horowitz – poets from my visits to Vienna’s Cafe Kaftka Labyrinth Poetry Events. Hillary is […]

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