How do you know you’re in Canada?

Walking home last night from a Swamp Blues jam session, this scene caught my eye…

So what’s so special about this?  What’s so distinctly Canadian?  Is it the flowers in the foreground?  Is it the darkened café, lights dimmed to save energy?  None of the above.  So what is it that makes it so very Canadian, or Vancouver Island? Or more to the point – not British – where I spent the last 2.5 years?

6 thoughts on “How do you know you’re in Canada?

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  1. The obviously darkened cafe suggests that it is shut for the day, the reason this could not be the UK, … the chairs aren’t chained to anything, the lack of rubbish, the clean and inviting je ne sais quois

    1. Oh my! I am impressed. You got it right away. Of course you are a policeman! It’s the chairs and tables not chained to anything. I also looked for a CCTV camera to record anybody who might try to slip away with them, and couldn’t see one. Of course it might be one of those tiny, well-concealed ones. As for the lack of rubbish and the clean, inviting ‘je ne sais quois’ – I hadn’t thought of those things – (perhaps I take them for granted?) but now that you mention it….gosh I know we have CCTC here, but it sure is nice to ‘think’ I am not having my picture taken 300 times a day! But I dream last night that they found CCTV footage of the worker making off with my as-yet-to-be-delivered and now-being-investigated box shipped via UPS.

      1. My one trip to Canade was a revelation. I stopped to speak to a homeless guy, he was asking for change. We had a discussion about the current exchange rate. He was washed, clean, pleasant and erudite. Hard to think of finding one of those in Brighton!

  2. Top marks to Roy ‘cos I wouldn’t have got it. Chairs normally get taken in at night here and in Spain (don’t know about Barca). I have seen some left out though, can’t remember where, and no-one seems to take them.

    1. I can’t remember the last time I saw tables and chairs left out after losing – maybe the last time I was here – which is why I was so surprised I took a picture to post here.

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