Crowd Share Sunday! Come share in the fun!

I’ve been asked to go along and share about BioDiversiTree and do a community poem – a love poem for the planet!

We share Earth with lots of other living creatures, life that supports our life. It’s really important to take care of this living planet by giving back.  So come along, share in the love, and add a line to the poem!

…and make something.  Bring something you no longer want and transform it into something beautiful, trade it, or give it away.  Crafty folk, Hannah and David from Exploring Sense, will also be there to help you get creative.  They need supplies for their work at the Youth Centre, so any stuff you want to get rid of that might be useful to makers and crafters, please bring it along.

Get your free tickets at Eventbrite

"The Blue Marble" is a famous photog...

4 thoughts on “Crowd Share Sunday! Come share in the fun!

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    1. Hey Jenn, not my poem – the community poem, and yes will share it as soon as I get over to the Youth Centre to pick up my stuff! Need a car to do that and Benita (chief sharer at The People Who Share) drove the stuff over there for me, so we’ll organize a pick-up time when she’s caught her breath! 🙂 It’s a nice poem.

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