NANOWRIMO = Novel in a Month? Right. Yes, Write!

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50,000 words, divided by 30 =1,666.6667 words per day – in November, which has 30 days.

Just like the A-Z Challenge in April, and my own A-Z Food Challenge in June-July, I’ve decided to take on the NANOWRIMO – Novel in a Month.  So I guess I won’t have much time for this blog seeing as I will NOT post my daily novel blathering. I want way more anonymity with that than a transparent blog permits. And if I produce anything worth reading, am sure I will publish anonymously (perhaps not quite as anonymously as the posts in the image to the left – but it’s such a cool image, I wanted to use it!).

And why won’t I publish my daily novel words? Because I am basically a shy person and well, it’s fiction.  It’s my imagination.  It’s all made up.  And well…I’m shy about my fiction.

More about that at another time. Shyness.

So far I’ve written 40

26 words.

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