Tree Sisters: It’s About Women Supporting Women

Biodiversity on a 15-year-old reforested plot ...
Biodiversity on a 15-year-old reforested plot of land. Image via Wikipedia

Tree Sisters introduces a group of women who want to reforest the planet.  40 seconds into the video they say:”It’s about women supporting women.”

Do you support the powerful women you encounter? Or are they a little frightening? Do you express your unique voice? Or have you been silenced?

Founder Clare Dakin writes about some of the ways in which women’s voices are squashed:

“One does not have to have been abused within this lifetime to have a deep bodily fear or expectation of it. One does not have to have had a dismissive father to fear abandonment if you don’t show up just right. One does not need to have been publically (sic) ridiculed to fear stepping up and making oneself visible.

Fear of being ‘too much’, lives in the deeper layers of the feminine psyche like a veiled threat that makes it so much easier to play safe, to stay small and to do what life tells us will keep us safe. Millions of women are ‘making it’ in this world but at what cost to their softness? How many have had to harden themselves and ignore their own rhythms and flow to engage within our linear male world?”

We don’t like to talk about that sort of thing do we?  We like to sweep it under the rug as if it didn’t exist.  I’m thinking about this more than writing about it. Wondering how I can add to this discussion.

I could tell my story.  I could tell the story of how people – both men and women – have tried to silence me and the range of tactics that have been used, and how exhausting it is to deflect those blows and rise again, and how sometimes you just have to take time out.  But I don’t want to give energy to that.  I want to give energy to building and manifesting positive experiences.  So I try to leave the nasties out – and sometimes that means I haven’t much to say!

When I get to those places I make gratitude lists – listing all my positive experiences.  Sometimes all it takes is focusing on the positive to spin things around. Watch this video and please, focus on the positive 🙂  What can you do to add to the positive? Share your thoughts and ideas in the comment box, then visit Tree Sisters website.

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