Post-A-Day 2011 Bloggers: How are ya doin’?

How many posts have you done for the 258 days we’ve passed?  Have you done a post a day?  Have you worked out your percentage? Divide number of posts you’ve written by 258 (for today), multiply by 100.

I’ve done 159 posts in 258 days which is 68%, right? That’s a low mark for me – I think I have to push it to 80%…..It’s hard.

I’m learning a lot about blogging and writing for the web, and I know I make mistakes – like linking to too many ‘related posts’ which (I think it was Scott who said) looks like Spam.  And I’ve recently learned that every one of those links helps push the linked-to page higher in the search engines, so I really do need to be more selective!

Sometimes I’ve clicked on related posts to mark them to go back and read later – but I guess that’s asking too much of myself. Information overload leads to burn out and weeding early and Google Reader may be the way forward. But….

Sometimes we miss lovely stories if we do that. Sometimes the loveliest stories are the hidden ones.  The ones hidden among the weeds.  Like this one, rife with commas and in bad need of periods, and one I chose to read all the way through because the voice is so pure, and a joy to hear in a web full of blogs so squeaky clean I expect Mr. Clean to pop up in the corner and sell me some new app that will  proof read and copy-edit my posts better than I can for myself!

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Challenge
Image by badbadivy via Flickr

Your writing voice can sound just like this squeaky clean blog.  Download Magic Eraser NOW for a free 10 day trial.

Writing warts and all, the story of Steffi’s  new babies is an example of just how amazing people can be.

Sometimes the gems are hidden by problems due to inexperience, like in the video used to close the story I posted yesterday on Jennifer Ward-Pelar’s Military Zero Waste blog.  The video was made by two grade 11 students from Vancouver, Canada and is a show’n’tell about their project to make the world a better place, one coffee cup at a time!  I almost gave up on it after the first few seconds because the background music overwhelms their speaking, but there was something about the purity of the voice that kept me watching.  They’re amazing girls!  Go visit Jenn’s blog and watch the video.

Now where has the topic of  this blog post wandered to as I’ve made tea and lunch (quinoa with sauteed tofu and veggies: yellow zucchini, pointed cabbage, leeks, fresh tomatoes, garlic, sea vegetable, hot chili peppers sauteed with a little soya sauce and tossed with the quinoa.  Delicious and sets me up for all the cycling I have to do this afternoon and evening.)  This post has been every where today – it even had about 50 words in the pity-pot at one moment.  But I flushed that!  And that too, is amazing.

4 thoughts on “Post-A-Day 2011 Bloggers: How are ya doin’?

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  1. Thankyou for your lovely comment about my blog(commas and warts n all)it really made my day!

    Your welcome Steff! It’s great to read your voice. As you’re using WordPress you can activate the proof reader to help you write your posts. It’ll spell check, and also point out grammar – though I don’t always agree with it! I don’t know about punctuation because it’s never told me to change mine. It would help you present your message in a cleaner writing style, and I’m sure you would then attract more readers. You tell some nice homey stories. Alison

  2. This is one of my favorite posts you’ve written. It’s informative, I learned something, it was funny and I could hear your voice so clearly, you could have been sitting right here beside me.
    I’ve been posting once a week (well, on each blog.) That’s enough for me! I still have to fit life in there somewhere, and that’s a struggle. But blogging is so much fun. Ah! I’ve been sucked in. I agreed wtih you on the sound of their video but they had such a good message. They’re learning. Thanks for introducing them to me, and giving them some encouragement. I think they’re wonderful too. And thanks for all the link love. I liked it. 🙂

    1. Thanks Jenn – for both comments and pumping up the 68%. Not brilliant when I’ve been going for ‘Post A Day’ – but I do have close to another 100 drafts that haven’t been published for whatever reason. Thanks for the guest blog post. Interesting you felt this post was one of your favorite – I wasn’t trying to tell anyone anything – though was trying to be nice to Steffie with her unbelievable, almost impossible to read punctuation….oh for a capital letter, a full stop and spaces….

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