W is for Wild and Wilder

When I was living in Spain, I sang in a lot of jam sessions.  When I first started going to the jams, I improvised my poems and lyrics to punk music.  There was one jam session where the organiser often sang this song to introduce me, whether it was because he identified me as Canadian or wild, I’ll never know.  Maybe it was both?

…..or maybe it was ’cause he knew I was always looking for a room!

Here’s a version with Arthur from the Big Bang jam.   Gosh, those jam sessions were fun! …and very wild!  This video recording does not do the atmosphere justice, though if you stay with it, he does get the audience going in the end.

Wikipedia: Born to Be Wild

Linda Wilder Art: Top of Tangle

Even Wilder, is Linda Wilder’s art.  I went to school with Linda.  Haven’t seen her since we were 17. Her art is amazing.  She captures the wild of Canada.

X, Y, Z left….3 days to finish both the challenge of the A-Z and fitting my life into my new teeny weeny flat!

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  1. I played violin/fiddle. There are some videos on YouTube of one of our jam sessions. One can be located at:

    and there are others that show up connected to that one. Not great stuff but impromptu gathering among friends. It was taped in my parents’ basement in East Tennessee.

    Tossing It Out

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