Ground to a Halt: Pause to Reflect

There’s nothing like an injury to stop you dead in your tracks.   I had already been flummoxed and heavily distracted from my pursuits by my disbelief and incomprehension of U.K.’s grossly inequitable 1988 Housing Act which gives landlords so much more power than tenants.  I was just getting going again, when the wrist got fractured and I thought WTF?  But I kept going….

Then two days later I started sneezing, and the next morning although I had planned to go somewhere first thing in the morning, when I woke up with a sore throat deep, deep in my throat – I decided it was best to stay in bed.  So my life more or less ground to a halt.

I stayed in bed for three days – reading – decided it was as good for my wrist as it was for the sneezing and sore throat, which by Friday had blossomed into a cough unlike any I’d had in years. It was more of a bark than a cough.   I coughed so much, and so hard, my ribs hurt.  So I stayed in bed some more, even though on Saturday I was scheduled to give a talk/wkshp on Private Rental Housing at the Cowley Club  – while my heart really wanted to go and Conga on the pier, and contribute to the longest Conga ever.  Staying in bed with a fractured wrist and a hacking cough meant I didn’t have to choose between raising people’s consciousness to the inequities of the housing act and enjoying my life by joining a crazy, feel-good event!!

But after reading three novels, and watching two seasons of Northern Exposure, I was still in bed, so I got to thinking.

Louise Hay says all our illnesses and injuries are a physical manifestation of what is going on for us on the spiritual level.  So, I decided to check out some of her beliefs.  Injuries to the wrist relate to inflexibility, and the left side of the body is the feminine, therefore injuries or ailments on the left side of the body relate to Mother issues.  Sheesh!  About two weeks before smashing my left wrist, I’d had a row with Mother over an old issue.  Sigh.  Pause.  Reflect.  Move on. Got to get past that.

And the lungs?  Coughs: a desire to bark at the world, ‘Listen to me’.  Yes, well – it would be nice if people listen to my audio tracks, and I do wish Conservative Mike Weatherley, my elected member of parliament, would read the emails I send a bit more carefully, or at least appoint research staff who are capable of reading and understanding, and thereby facilitate answering the questions I ask rather than the questions they think I’ve asked.

I asked where Mike stands on amending the Housing Act to place tenants on equal footing with landlords and was told:

With regard to Mike’s position on housing, he is leading the call for the law surrounding squatting to be toughened and he does not believe that the law needs to be changed in favour of tenants.


Cough, cough, cough, hack hack hack, splutter splutter splutter.

Woof woof woof woof woof woof, bark bark bark bark bark bark……….

My second attempt at getting back to a Post a Day….and I still haven’t drawn the profound life metaphor.  I know there’s one in this fractured wrist and lung infection – somewhere!

Perhaps I was on the wrong track and needed to be stopped?  Perhaps when the wrist is healed and the chest and head are cleared, and I get going again, I’ll be on the right track?   There is definitely a shift happening.

…I don’t really want to drag political issues onto this blog, but sometimes it’s hard not to.



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  1. Felt it only appropriate to say here that a couple of months ago I met Mike Weatherly at Blank Studios in Portslade. I discussed my housing legislation concerns with him and he invited me to his surgery to present my case, which I did a couple of weeks ago. He says he’s great friends with housing minister Grant Schapps. We shall see what develops. Perhaps this deserves a full blog post rather than a comment, but I’d rather write about things I love like good food and good ideas. I do not aspire to being a political columnist. Though both food and ideas are oft influenced, aided and abetted by political ambition.
    Oh yes, and by the way, people are listening to my audio tracks on Soundcloud, and I’ve got a decent place to live, so things are looking up!

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