A-Z #Gratitude: #Kindness

Old Bets, a Sioux squaw 120 years old, will lo...
Old Bets, a Sioux squaw 120 years old, will long be remembered with gratitude by many of the Minnesota captives for her kindness to them while among the Sioux in 1862, by Whitney’s Gallery (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Day 11 of the A-Z Blogging Challenge and the letter K.

GuadalupeNOLA15Oct07Thanks (3)

Thanks for Kindness.

Do you know kind people? You know the types – they’re the ones who are truly sensitive to the struggles of others, and by their simple presence, and kind energy, can radically change people’s lives.  These people don’t have to do anything different to be kind, they just are.  Sometimes their kindness is as simple as acknowledging the person ‘alone’.   Their acts of kindness often reap no obvious reward.   Sometimes we know about what they’ve done, and sometimes we don’t. For sure these people impact – in a positive way – the lives of those they show kindness to, and through the spin-off, impact the world around them.

And what about the lift they get from being kind? Being kind is so ‘in’, is so ‘now’. If you haven’t yet caught the kindness wave – well, try it today. Look for an opportunity to be kind, and then just do it! It will multiply and return to you in ways you never imagined!


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