Bar Camp Brighton Day 2 #bcb6

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After all the pizza and cider last night (great pizza from Pizza Face! Thanks Bar Camp) today was kind of like bar hopping.

  • Google Ad WordsI left after five minutes because, although it seemed a really interesting and informative talk that would answer lots of questions, I really wanted to go to…
  • What does UX mean to you?An interesting open discussion about user experience and how the user experience of high street shopping has deteriorated.  I thought we were going to talk about user experience in technology.  It was interesting to think about this broader idea of user experience.
  • Lunch  After loading up a plate of delicious veggie sandwiches, and fresh cuppa, I settled myself on the only empty chair in a room full of serious geeks where I got lots of questions answered about how you build a web page, and fixed the embed code for the SemiConductor video posted at the end of  Why Am I Going to BarCamp. Thank you gentlemen!
  • The Evil Overlord’s Guide to Security Evil Overlord  You really need the talk!
  • What does ‘open’ mean in ‘open data’? I came in late and heard that most of the data that is being made available is in mixed formats and a lot of it is dirty.  I left when the speaker said ” There’s a lot of data about pot holes. Apparently pot holes are really sexy.”  Why did that prompt me to leave? I’m sick of hearing people say something is ‘sexy’ because people are interested in it.  Just because someone is interested in something does not mean they find it sexy.  To make a statement like that suggests that people are only interested in sexy things. I think I need to write a whole blog post about this misuse of the word ‘sexy’ and my brain is way too worn out to attempt it right now!   Besides, I was interested to hear about….
  • Bar Camp Goes Digital The digital BarCamp board will be tested next weekend in Liverpool, and if it’s successful it’ll be used at LondonBarCamp.  It will switch posting your talks from cork board to digital and will require you to know what your talk is about when you book the time slot.  No choosing a time slot and wandering off for an hour while you decide what you’ll talk about! The great thing about a digital board is that if you’re in a talk that turns out not to be what you want, you can check out the other talks on the digital board and use your feet.  Read more about it here London
  • What’s wrong with Drupal? I’m interested in Drupal – and got Steve’s sarcastic talk on everything that people say is wrong with it which actually makes it a good product! We also saw the new Drupal promo video which had just been made with funding from the Drupal Association.  Great work.  I’m looking forward to hearing more about it at Drupal Discovery Day.  The more I hear, the better it sounds.  I look forward to listening on Friday. 
  • ipv6 The absolutely most geeky talk I attended.  Was frustrated because I was unable to connect (WIFI was not cooperating) and so I wrote a whole bunch of urls for future reference when I have a better understanding of how it works!  It may well have been that I couldn’t get the WIFI to work because they were using ipv6 and (I learned) ipv6 components in MacOs pre Lion are stagnant and missing lots of fixes which are in the KAME rep upstream.  KAME rep upstream…NEXT! 
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I also chatted with Aral Balkan and  asked him why he chose to do a 30-minute singing lesson in his talk slot. His answer (short version, edited by me): Because BarCamp is for fun.   Does that mean that it’s not fun for Aral Balkan to deliver talks on topics he’s paid to talk about?  Or does it mean that it isn’t fun to freely share high quality information and experience that others don’t have? Interesting that Aral just completed a sold-out UpDate Conference, and BarCamp was started because its founders believed that the knowledge being shared at FooCamp (to an exclusive, by invitation only group) should be open to everyone.  Coming soon to your iPhone – Learn to Sing with Aral Balkan! 
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