Do As Much As You Can…

June Boston - My Mum

Mother’s Day today in North America, and I’m how many thousand miles away from my mother?  I’m sorry not to be nearer at these times.  I’d like to drop in and go for a walk with her along the sea front where she and Dad walked everyday.  She came to visit me in October and we walked everyday along the Brighton sea front.  It got me off my bicycle, slowed me down, showed me a different way to appreciate the sea.

Before she came, she had complained of difficulty walking, said she needed a cane, and by the time she left she was motoring along without it.

The same thing happened when she visited me in Budapest.  Said she couldn’t manage stairs too well.  I lived on a 3rd floor walk up.  When she arrived she hobbled up the stairs, and would sigh when we approached a metro station with no escalator.  By the time she left, she was flying up and down staircases.

Mum started acting in her mid-forties.  She joined a theatre group and has never looked back.  In her 60’s she got involved with Target, a seniors’ theatre troupe, creating plays about ageing and seniors issues, in her early 70’s she got her professional actor’s union card.  She’s in her 80’s now and she still does Target and films.  Still enjoys her coffee, wine and ciggies!

She said to me once, when I was moaning about feeling too old to start singing: “You’re never too old to start.  My motto is:

Do as much as you can for as long as you can.”

Hats off to you Mum.  You know how to live.  Here’s a pic of the Brighton sea front for you.

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