G is for God and Goddess

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Ever since I finished F, I’ve been thinking about G. “G is for God and Goddess” insists on being the topic;  Goddess for those readers who prefer a feminine idea of a Deity, but why write about a Deity?

I’ve always known there is a God, ever since I can remember. My father was a clergyman so I was raised Christian, and God was just there.  There was no disputing it, and not because my father insisted on belief, because he didn’t – rather because he taught belief, and I was a good learner. My knowledge of the existence of a Supreme Being has never wavered, yet my faith has not been a constant.  Even so, my understanding of that Supreme Being has evolved and matured; and my faith, although deepened, has sometimes faltered.

Faith in a Supreme Being or Deity is something distinct from the knowledge that such a thing a exists.  Faith requires action, action that starts in the very centre of your being and emanates outward to the world around you.  It requires an inner belief that yes indeed, we are taken care of.  It requires permitting one’s psychic energy to meld with the energy of the universe, and flow.  Much easier said than done.

Years ago, in conversation with a friend about faith, it was suggested: “So you have lost your faith in God.”  I replied: “Not in God, in humanity.” Since then, I’ve come to understand humanity as the personification of God, so having lost my faith in humanity, I had indeed lost my faith in God.   Around the same time I’d visited my father, who had retired. He confided in me that he had lost his faith.  His loss of faith was a result of our drug laws.  He profoundly believed that prohibition is wrong; that it denies people not only access to all the plants of the world, which God had made, and had made with satisfaction, but also that it denies the individual the power of choice, and through that denial it also denies the saving grace of Jesus Christ.  A belief to ponder, for sure.  Regardless of the Christian element, it was a belief that revealed that Dad also saw his faith as something directly connected to humanity.  For it was human action, establishing laws that conflicted with his Christian belief, that had eroded his faith.

So if faith in God depends on the actions of humanity, how does God get to be classified as a Supreme Being?  I mean, isn’t God supposed to be all-powerful?  And if God’s all-powerful, how come we mere mortals can mess things up? What if that ‘all-powerful power’ is created by our collective consciousness, rather than by some external Deity sitting on a throne up in the sky in that place commonly referred to as Heaven?  (Unless, of course, life on earth is some kind of playful experiment set in motion by a science fiction super id.)

As I’ve matured, so has my understanding of God and faith.  Most people who believe also pray, and those prayers are offered to God, whatever their personal understanding of that word may be.  So if God and faith are connected to humanity, is God – rather than being an individual Supreme Being – more of a collective consciousness that is made supreme by the sheer number of its participating members;  a collective consciousness that we tap into and participate in, either consciously or unconsciously?  And when we pray, or meditate, we make that participation conscious and focussed in the manner of our choosing, rather than unconsciously adding our psychic energy to a pool that perhaps we’d rather not be in, if only we realised we had a choice?  So by making our participation conscious, and choosing to add good to the collective pool, we create a better world and open up our individual opportunity to connect with the good of the super consciousness, which for example, we may call God?

Over the years, I’ve worked to open those lines of communication.  To understand that my spirit, or my consciousness, via my mental power, is connected to, and participates with, a large, amorphous energy force that I can tap into through total focussed consciousness.  This means that all of me must connect.  This makes ‘praying’ something more than words, more than a: “Please God help me solve this problem,” or “Please God alleviate the suffering of the Japanese people who have lost their homes and loved ones through the earthquake and tsunami.”   It makes ‘praying’ an act of focussed connection in which not only my brain is engaged through language, but also my heart and soul through energetic expression.

I’ve had remarkable experiences in which I’ve asked for something and it has almost immediately been delivered. Always when this has happened I’ve felt, in the moment of asking, a powerful connectedness of my total being with the energy around me.  I’ve also been astonished by the rapidity of the response.  And lately I’ve been getting amazingly accurate and rapid responses, though not 100% of the time; rather, frequently enough, and accurately enough, for me to sit up and pay attention!

Modern new age thinking preaches the law of attraction, that as energetic beings, what we think about we attract into our lives.  That like attracts like. Yet, I don’t believe it’s as simple as that.  I believe one’s heart has to be pure in its desire; free of the seven deadly sins, if you will: anger, envy, lust, greed, pride, gluttony and sloth.  One’s petition must be as innocent as a child’s.

Atheists are always going on about the non-existence of God, and when they do, they seem to put all their focus on refuting the existence of an orthodox God, while completely neglecting any other possible understanding of what God is.  God is us.  Yes.  You and me and the next door neighbour. Us, in our purest, energetic selves.  Us, using the full power of our minds to shape the world around us. So if we have that power, why do wars and other evil acts exist? Why are we not living utopian lives?  Because we are corrupted.  Can you put aside all anger, envy, lust, greed, pride, gluttony and sloth and live purely in a world surrounded by those vices? A tall order indeed!

I don’t know if I’ve written a successful post about God, or even answered my question as to why, when there are many other words that start with G, that God insisted on being the topic. But I do think God has been getting a bit of  a bad rep of late, and I’d like to put forward the idea that you are God, and that you have infinite power and wisdom.  I’d like to invite you to tap into it.  To link up with all the goodness that surrounds you and to give that goodness your full attention and make this world the utopia it can be. Pollyanna?  Crane with her head in the sand?  Only if you think so. Then that’s your reality.  You can change that. If human brain cells fire electrical impulses to communicate with one another, then surely they can fire electrical impulses to communicate with other brains. Join me in the collective consciousness with some positive thinking?

If for some reason the embedded video won’t play, here’s a link. It’s well worth watching and listening to.

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  1. I think I’ve lost my faith a bit … but that’s mainly for not loving myself enough. If everyone truly loved themselves they wouldn’t harm themselves with drugs … so your dad’s opinion is very interesting. It’s sad that we have to have laws at all … Besides I don’t think “God” is good or bad … I just think it’s an universal energy that just “is”.

  2. I see you on a faith journey, Louise – courageously moving forward to a deeper self-awareness – that takes faith. For it’s faith that tells you the journey reaps rewards.

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