I Could Have Been a Banker!

I started writing this yesterday, and got distracted with making the audio track, so when you read ‘today’ it means 26-02-2011.

Did a poetry and music workshop today with 4.33 experimental music group.  Organised by Tom Cunliffe, of e.g. Poetry.   Today’s was the third of these workshops I’ve participated in.  We’ve been working towards a performance on March 16th, as one of the e.g. Poetry 2011 series  at Red Roaster Cafe.

There are seven poets who participate on a regular basis.  Tom Cunliffe the organiser, Annie Kerr, Yaz, Bernadette Cremin,  Lou Ice, Tim – who is part of 4.33 and myself.

I’m often inspired to write poetry when listening to music, or when hearing other poets – something which led me to collectively creating with musicians and eventually singing.    Today was no exception, and when Simon Scardanelli got up with his guitar and his fiance, Beth Somerford and did a piece called “I Want to be a Banker”, I wrote a piece called ‘I could have been a banker…’ which I then got up and performed…….

…….and came home and made an audio track of in my living room.

It’s finished – but not – as I want to chop a chunk out of the last minute – at 4.33 it can afford to be lose some time, and I’m not totally satisfied with how the last minute goes so…..though it’s appropriate that the first spoken word track I’ve made, inspired by work shopping with 4.33 would be 4.33!! But I’m still not entirely happy with the last minute!

Coming soon to a Player near you!

Simon also recorded a few tracks.  Hopefully they will also soon be available.

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