A lazy post – point to a friend’s blog

I meet Annie Kerr in my music and poetry life here in Brighton-Hove.  She is a classically trained violinist and I first met her as a musician at Safehouse, then met her as a writer-musician at Tom’s Poetry and Music workshop, then last night she was there in the audience at e.g. Poetry and participated in the Open Mic – delivering a poem filled with superbly sensual language.

Her blog reveals her to be not only be an accomplished wordsmith but also an artist with a wonderful visual sense – her photos bring the perfect element to her blog – a place you can go and visit for some tranquility.

She also writes about her visits to the Brighton sea front, in a voice distinct from my own – complete with pics.  Do stop by and visit Annie’s Inkhaven.

2 thoughts on “A lazy post – point to a friend’s blog

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  1. Hi Alison. Just dropped by to take another look at your blog! Thanks for this. Great gig last night. Well done. Here’s to the next one. Thanks again for your kind words. Ax

  2. Thanks Annie. I really enjoyed it. Wonderfully rich poetry from everyone. Top notch stuff. It was a pleasure to be able to perform my poetry to such an attentive and appreciative audience.

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