Olive Bread

Yum!  Made this in ye olde bread machine!  Nice chewy crust. The recipes I selected from a Google search for Olive Bread, all used a higher water-to-flour ratio than my standard recipe, so I tried it. The extra water, and reduced flour makes for a chewier, denser loaf. These are the proportions and ingredients I used: Drain a... Continue Reading →

Raisin-Nut Bread – Bread Machine Update

I promised an update on my bread machine baking experience as written about here, and recently blogger Jennifer Morgan from Military Zero Waste tweeted the post, so figure I'd best stick to my promise! Bread Machine Baking: wp.me/p1gYQI-2ve via @am_mazed — Jennifer Morgan (@military0waste) February 15, 2013 There have been many successes and a few failures... Continue Reading →

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