William Kurelek at the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria

Went to the opening of William Kurelek: The Messenger at the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, last night. Was struck by the incredible detail of Kurelek's paintings, and also the window onto his life's experiences, in particular growing up on the prairies.  Paintings of twisters and hail storms, the Northern Lights and dawn, Polish weddings... Continue Reading →


Ah shucks - gotta lighten up after all that A-Z-ing! Now here's her fella doing the dishes after having her over for dinner! Turn on to icanhascheezburger.com   Related articles Changes at Cheezburger (news.icanhascheezburger.com) Would You Watch The I Can Has Cheezburger Show (neatorama.com) Purrfect Places for Puss (realruth.wordpress.com) Why are cats better than dogs... Continue Reading →

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