Shape Shift Facilitator

I was overweight and stressed out. Felt I was hiding the real me. I’ve released 50 pounds of fat and tons of baggage!

Who are these two women? The one with the red hair, singing into a microphone  is me at 210 pounds. I was onstage singing, with a full band backing me up, jamming the blues. The other, in the striped dress, is me a year later at 160 pounds.

Click here To read the full story and see more pictures!

Click here to learn about the scientifically-proven cleanse and fat release system I’ve been using. I released 2 inches off my neck! MY NECK!

Oh yeah, I’ve also been busy with this crazy character – learning to play the ukulele and sing – all at the same time! She is so much fun! I call her IzaDee Light!

…and Workshops!  Click here to learn more about my Shape Shift Workshops

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