Audio Track: Booth Lake

Since uploading the track and posting this yesterday, I’ve discovered a technical problem with the track that renders the vocals almost inaudible!  I’m working on fixing it.  Meanwhile, it’s an instrumental for some listeners!! New audio track uploaded to Soundcloud.  You can listen to it here. Booth Lake is a poem I wrote in about… Continue Reading →

Z is for Zemanta

So there’s this really nifty service that comes with WordPress called Zemanta.  At least it’s pretty nifty when it works. But it seems to only make an appearance about once a month.  I don’t get it. It’s like a cat: it’s all over you one minute then vanishes.  When it works it’s brilliant.  It delivers… Continue Reading →

Y is for You

Who are you? Yes, you – the random surfer, the anonymous reader. I know who some of my readers are, if you subscribe or leave a comment, or click ‘like’, I know your email address.    Some of you have blogs that I can visit and read, and really get an idea of who you… Continue Reading →

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