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Supper on the Fly


Meal planning is my weakness. I’m proud that I planned this meal far enough in advance to take the home made baked beans out of the freezer to defrost. Did that this morning.  Wanted them to add to yesterday’s left-overs: 1/2 tin of sardines, 1/2 avocado.

Add 4 slices Nothing Else rye toast, organic butter, fresh tomato slices and mixed herb salad and it’s a meal.

…and I might add, probably more than I can eat in one sitting. 2 slices of toast would have been enough. Or 1/2 as many beans.  Now I have more leftovers, different leftovers for a snack maybe?

In a dash!

Alison Boston, Fish and Seafood, Food, Recipes

Today’s Lunch


Last minute choice!

Salmon and chopped egg with garlic scapes and chives, piled on slices of crispy light and dark rye toast slathered with melted butter!!

Yum yum.

For the salmon spread mix together:

1 diced garlic scape with

1 x 213 gm canned wild salmon

1 Tablespoon your fave mayo

1 diced hard boiled egg

This makes enough for 5 or 6 small slices of toast.

How many slices you eat is up to you. Today I ate 3 and about 1/2 the salmon. The other half will get eaten later today or tomorrow.  I’m relaxed about meal planning.