Free Download: Fly to Absentia

Just over to the right you’ll notice 2 audio players.  These are sets from my Soundcloud account.   The first track is a free download, just click that little “Download” button, another window will open, a download will start and you’ll get an MP3 file of my latest audio track Fly to Absentia – a collaboration done with Italian musician and producer, Piero Pizzul (who actually lives on a Greek Island!) If the audio player doesn’t show on your mobile unit, here’s a direct link: And here is the song in its own player:

Piero Pizzul's work is also featured on JBlasta tracks.

I met Piero on Soundcloud – he started following me and commenting on my tracks and when I posted the original vocal recording of Fly to Absentia, and invited collaborators, he downloaded it, mixed it and sent it back to me. Three takes later, and as many weeks later, we had a copy that we both agreed was good enough to upload to Soundcloud and offer as a free download.

Piero grew up in Venice, where he studied music, and in the late 80’s, he started making electronic dance tracks.   After 15 years of making tracks professionally, making music is now a hobby for him.  I am so happy he likes my voice and wants to collaborate with me!  I am so grateful I have the technology to do my bit at my end.

What you hear today is Piero’s third mix – mostly because I kept insisting on redoing the vocals ( I still think I’d like to re-record them, my voice was a bit gravelly that day!)  The track you hear is a blend of 4 tracks I recorded in my third recording session on my laptop, in my living room. Gosh, but modern technology is amazing!

If you like the song, please share it around – it’s a song about sharing, afterall!  Share the link, post it on your blog, download a copy to listen to at your leisure.  Please share it.

Yes, I wrote the lyrics.  The verses come from a poem I wrote many years ago, and performed many times as a spoken word piece.  Then one day I started to sing it!  The music is Piero’s.  The melody? Just a few notes plucked from the ether, arranged and shaped – a little by me, refined by Piero – to serve the song.

Here’s a link to Piero Pizzul on Souncloud.

Piero Pizzul on Discogs

Here’s one of my favorite Piero Pizzul tracks. It’s popular in Latino countries.  Perhaps you’ve heard it on a sunny piazza?

But don’t be fooled by that light-hearted romantic sound,  Piero also produces some deeper stuff like this poetry by Inge Else Liard.

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