Safehouse @ Coach House Available for Listening

Slow, quiet start that builds. The ensembles were composed of random musicians chosen by drawing names from a hat. Recorded life at a one-off Safehouse session at the Coach House in Kemptown May 4th, 2011, which offered great acoustics. (Safehouse usually meets at the Open House Pub, Springfield Rd., Brighton). All instruments recorded through one... Continue Reading →

Smorl’s Houmous – Chickpeas Cooked with Seaweed

What an unexpected delight!  Smorl's houmous, chickpeas cooked with seaweed, blended together with parsley and corriander, extra virgin olive oil, tahini and lemon juice, fresh garlic, salt, cumin, lemon zest and black pepper. Surprise surprise - a houmous unlike any I've ever eaten. Smorl's is sold with 3 garlic intensities: garlic, extra garlic and thunder... Continue Reading →

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